Our wildflower honey is raw, unfiltered, and never heated. It comes straight from our hives, here in Rockford, Michigan. Our honey flows through a series of fine screens to remove foreign objects, leaving all the vitamins, minerals, pollen and live enzymes intact. Thus, offering our customers top quality honey, filled with extraordinary health benefits, the way it was meant to be!

Our wildflower honey is offered locally and through our online Shop.

  • 12 oz glass jar of wildflower honey $9.00 – SOLD OUT for 2019
  • 2 lbs glass jar of wildflower honey $18.00 – SOLD OUT for 2019
  • Special event and bulk sizes are available upon request.

Contact Us for us for more details…

Hive Share

We are currently filling our Summer Hive Share orders! By purchasing a share, in one of our beehives, you will be guaranteed honey (at a discounted rate) at harvest time.

Hive Share Option 1: $98.00

  • 1 dozen, 12 ounce jars of wildflower honey -SOLD OUT

Hive Share Option 2: $190

  • 1 dozen, 2 lbs jars of wildflower honey – SOLD OUT

Purchasing: To purchase a Hive Share, visit our online Shop.

Note: Hive Share orders are PICK UP only.

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