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Italian Honeybee

Indigo Acres, established in 2014,ย is nestled on 13 beautiful acres, filled with blooms and humming with the voices of honey bees.ย ย We share our passion for the education and preservation of honey bees and our local pollinators, through our products and educational services.

Indigo Acres Apiary raises beautiful Italian honey bees. These beauties were first brought to the U.S. in 1859. They quickly became a favorite to many beekeepers, due to their gentleness and ease to work with. These bees represent a wonderful collection of traits, making them a popular choice for beekeepers today:

  • gentleness
  • excellent foragers
  • strong honey producers
  • less inclined to swarm
  • cleanliness
  • disease resistant
  • overwinter well
  • adaptable to most climates

Indigo Acres sells a small number of 5 frame nucs. Watch for updates, early Spring 2020, for availability and pricing.


Italian Honeybee on Hyssop

Indigo Acres Apiary has a passion for not only honey bees, but for the plants that sustain them. Specializing in pollinator friendly perennials, annuals and trees, Indigo Acres has created a beautiful pollinator sanctuary. By fostering a magical haven for beneficial pollinators, such as birds, bees, bats, butterflies, etc. Indigo Acres is giving back and thanking the pollinators for their hard work.

Our Pollinators are in Trouble: 1/3 of the food we eat is thanks to these amazing creatures. Our pollinators are currently in decline, due to loss of habitat, leaving less foraging space. The application of pesticides is another contributing factor. Insecticides, used to control pests in crops, is weakening and even destroying our beneficial pollinators.

How You Can Help: Attracting pollinators to your garden is simple. By providing the right plants and trees, soon your backyard will be bursting with hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. By selecting flowers that will provide blooms throughout the changing seasons, you are assisting your local pollinators to flourish year round. Remember, even if you have a small space, potted plants work well, too. And, don’t forget to use organic methods when growing your plants. Most importantly, please allow the dandelions and wildflowers to live! These native plants are so important for our pollinators’ survival.

Adding a shallow water source, to your backyard gardens, is another a great way you can help keep your local pollinators happy and hydrated. Remember to add water plants or rocks, to give your pollinators a safe place to land.

Whether your interest is becoming a beekeeper, creating your own backyard pollinator sanctuary or just enjoying some sweet honey, Indigo Acres is here to help. Visit our Hive Tours and Beekeeper Sessions pages, for our 2019 programming options.

Indigo Acres Apiary is a member of the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association and The American Beekeeping Federation.

Plant a Flower, Save a Bee! 

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